Community Opportunities Service

Interaction with the community is an essential part of everyday living for all of us and we currently, we are contracted to provide daytime opportunities for all service users group across, Leicestershire Warwickshire and Northampshire. Bonney Care invests heavily in helping to ensure people’s confidence is developed and their opportunities are maximized. Examples include accessing local college courses, finding employment, using the local supermarket, cafe, park or pub etc. We are also setting up a center for vocation and employment and also, a digital inclusion & multi-media project described below:

DI@Bonney, our Digital Inclusion and Multi-media project will offer group or 1:1 sessions so individuals can:

Surf the internet safely, research hobbies or interests and find recipesSet up email accounts, send and receive emailsUse Google and Google earth
Skype family and friendsLearn to use a camera, download and edit photos. Switch operated camera for people with complex needs.Use iPads with sensory apps for relaxation and fun
Use touch screen computersDownloading music, films, burning CD’sUpload photos on Facebook and access YouTube
Make greetings cards, calendars, photo albums, pictorial menus XBOX KINNECT used with a large wall mounted screen is very popular for:Interactive sports, football, tennis, bowling – regular tournaments are organisedWheelchair dancing – great for exercise, social interaction and fun
Cardiovascular exercise and losing weight whilst having fun 
We will also offer pre-booked
1:1 cooking sessions – bake a cake, make soupYoga sessions
ReflexologyGardeningBingo and Art and Collage making

Who is this service available to?

Bonney Care works with adults with learning disabilities and acquired brain injury. This includes people who are on the autistic spectrum, have complex behaviour, dual diagnosis and sensory impairment. We are specialist in working with people with profound disabilities and complex needs, including people who do not use speech to communicate.